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Need An Instrument - Not Much Time to Handle the Details?

-I don’t have time to research instruments or find out what’s best.  I need this taken care of for me but I want to trust that my child is getting a good quality instrument and the things we need to give the best start to this endeavor...

Rent-to-Own with Golden Music has these time saving features:

1.   The best quality instrument - we take time to find the best instruments to offer.  For band instruments, we only carry Yamaha and Buffet.  For strings, we hand select our workshops and it always ends up being family teams that are trained in the art of building violins, violas, cellos and basses.

Should I Rent-to-Own (or Just Rent!) or Buy an Instrument for My Child Starting Band or Orchestra This Fall?


Should I rent or buy?

Renting an instrument is flexible.  Our program has repair and maintenance coverage to keep the instrument in perfect playing condition.  We offer the ability to exchange the instrument at no cost, as well as special discounts on purchasing if you have decided you have the right instrument.  Also, you have the option to return it if the student should ever decide they want to follow another passion.  We have loaner instruments available to students with the maintenance agreement if the instrument needs repairs or maintenance.  You can apply all your equity to purchase, allowing you to eventually own an instrument if you wish.  Know that our rental fleet is maintained to the highest standards by our in house technician.