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A two-year study by researchers at the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at the University of Southern California shows that exposure to music and music instruction accelerates the brain development of young children in the areas responsible for language development, sound, reading skill and speech perception.

Music Education and Brain Development

Music Education and Brain Development

Over the past two decades, music training has been associated with better than average language and mathematical skills and higher IQ, while differences between musicians and nonmusicians have been found in brain areas related to hearing and movement, among others. What is the mechanism behind such differences? One important goal of our program is to understand the effects of music training on brain development, investigated in terms of psychological (emotional, cognitive, social) and actual neural functions.

8 Healing Benefits of Music
...there are endless ways that music makes our hearts and souls feel better. But research shows that music can have benefits for our bodies, too.

1.  Eases Anxiety

2.  Reduces Stress

3.  Helps During Surgery

4.  Helps Sound Processing Ability

5.  Boosts Heart Health

6.  Soothes Pain

7.  Helps Memory

8.  Protects the Aging Brain

Music, Architecture and Life...

One of the biggest joys of owning a music store is the interesting people we get to talk to every day.  Almost every customer and shopper wants to hang out a bit and tell us their story of which we are always very interested.  This last week at the Colorado Music Educators Conference, we talked to hundreds of musicians, mostly music educators.  There was one father who stood out.  His son was the teacher, but he told us his story and journey in his career as an architect but his love and passion for music.  I was so touched by his story, I asked if we could video tape it for you to hear it from him.  Please CHECK IT OUT.


Music Training Can Improve Decision-Making, Focus and Impulse Management
Another study on the benefits of music...  We understand more and more the health of our brain through modern technological scanning.  The breaking of synapses and disease causing problems and the health of positive stimulation from healthy activities - i.e. MUSIC!!!  Here they looked at 80 six and seven year olds and found training can change both the structure of the brain’s white matter, which carries signals through the brain, and grey matter, which contains most of the brain’s neurons that are active in processing information. Music instruction also boosts engagement of brain networks that are responsible for decision-making and the ability to focus attention and inhibit impulses...
What Is Music?

Golden Music staff works everyday with musicians and families and friends of musicians, we often think about the nature of music.  What's it's purpose, what is it exactly? A very interesting article came across my desk today*.   Flutes were discovered made from bone found in Germanymusic, the earliest recorded instruments...

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Amazing Collections of Music Soul Posts

Music and Its Effect on Body, Brain/Mind, and SpiritA brief look at history• Some archaeologists believe that music and dancing preceded language.• Since the days of the Greeks and Romans, music has had a profound effect on the body and the mind.• Healing and sound were considered sacred science. • Healing and music diverged...

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Where Golden Music's New Logo Comes From... the "Golden Ratio"

In search of the golden Music... in architecture In the quest for beauty, one of the most immutable traditions – and controversial fascinations – in Western architecture (and furniture and art and music and mathematics) is the golden section, a proportioning system first described by ancient Greek mathematicians such...

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