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Musical Rentals

The best thing to do is to talk to your teacher and have them  help you find your size.  Not only do they have experience in this process, they will be your advisers and helpers moving forward so their choice and knowledge is intrinsic in getting the proper fit.

If you are not able to have the teacher's input, Golden Music can also help you.  We help thousands of students every year find their size and can make the process fun and successful.  If that isn't an option (doing the contract online for delivery or the student is not available at sizing time), please refer to the following guide.  Remember, in our rent-to-own program, there is no charge for delivery or for changing sizes, so we can adjust the size if needed.

How To Determine the Proper Instrument Size
Violin and Viola
With the student’s left arm fully extended and palm up, place a measuring device under the chin to simulate a violin - note the measurement at the center of the palm.
Measurement Instrument Size Measurement Instrument Size
Less than 14 1/4" 1/32 size 22" to 23 1/2” 3/4 size (13” viola)
14 1/2" to 16" 1/16 size 23 1/2" and over 4/4 size (14” viola)
16" to 17 3/4" 1/10 size 25 1/2" to 26 1/4" 15" viola
17 3/4" to 19" 1/8 size 26 1/4" to 27" 15 1/2" viola
19" to 20 3/4” 1/4 size 27" to 27 1/2" 16" viola
20 3/4" to 22" 1/2 size (12” viola) 27 1/2" and over 16 1/2" viola or larger
If you have access to an instrument, ask the student to hold the instrument as if they are playing. The student should be able to cup the majority of the fingers around to the top of the scroll.

Always choose the smaller size if the student is in-between sizes, because a larger instrument will hinder the student’s ability to play properly.