6 Reasons to Continue Music Lessons During Summer

6 Reasons to Continue Music Lessons During Summer

School is out and summer is just around the corner. It's time for outdoor fun, relaxation, and barbecues. It's also a great time to take music lessons. 

Summer is perhaps the best season to take music lessons. There's less stress from school and work, the days are long and relaxed, and students are looking for fun and engaging activities. Students who stay in lessons year-round make quicker breakthroughs on their instruments and avoid having to relearn the basics come fall. Plus, summer is a great time to take on a new challenge, learn a new instrument, join a music camp, or see an exciting concert!

Here are 6 reasons to continue or start music lessons over the summer:

Summer Musicians Avoid Learning Loss

Ask any music teacher: students who stay in lessons over the summer make better and more consistent progress with their instrument. Students who take long breaks from their instruments will need to relearn hard-won techniques and skills. Avoid learning loss and keep your chops fresh by continuing lessons during the summer break. Students will make more progress and have more fun with their instrument if they maintain summer lessons.   

More Time to Make Music

Summer means less homework and school obligations for music students. With extra time, students can reach practice goals quicker, take on fun challenges, and experience technique breakthroughs. Playing an instrument becomes funner the more you master the basics. Summer is the perfect time to bump up your practice routine and leap ahead of your peers.

Flexible Schedules for Parents and Teachers

Many teachers offer flexible hours and availability during the summer. Since school is out, students can often attend lessons at earlier times and different days. Check with your teacher to see what expanded hours they have this summer!

It's a Great Time To Try Something New and Fun

Summer is the perfect season to try something new and fun. Pick up an instrument you've always wanted to try. Learn a new style on your instrument of choice. Add additional time for an instrument that compliments your primary area of study  (ex. guitar students could learn bass, flute students could try out piccolo, singers can take a few piano lessons). Or maybe tackle a goal piece that you've been dreaming of perfecting.  

Summer Music Camps!

Join one of our summer music camps a fun and new experience! We are offering both pop choir and rock bands sessions this summer - click here for more details.


When It Gets Hot, Music is Great Indoor Activity

Wanna beat the afternoon heat? Music is a great indoor activity during the dog days of summer. When the temperature soars, practicing indoors is sounds pretty appealing. In between outdoor fun, you'll surely want to take a minute to relax indoors. Signing up for an engaging indoor activity like music lessons is a great way to balance all those hours out in the sun.    

Summer Concerts Offer Inspiration for Young Musicians

Chances are, you'll be seeing some concerts this summer. From big touring acts to local favorites to jazz in the park to summer pop hits, the season is filled with new music and excited live performances. It's easy to get inspired to play music over the summer. Translate that excited into action by signing up for lessons today! 

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