I'm happy that I found a great teacher Meagan for myself, an adult learner of the cello. I'm finally learning correct form and its greatly improving my playing. I'm also thrilled they have a student orchestra I can join! There are others in my age group I can play with in addition to the younger players. Great fun! Holly M. Dec 13, 2021


I have enjoyed taking piano lessons from at West Colfax Academy Golden Music in Lakewood. I have played off and on for many years, and I'm learning a different set of skills than I was taught previously. Deborah H. Feb 15, 2022

Joe on Cello Is an exceptional person. Not only is he talented, he is caring and enthusiastic about not only music, but life. He has been understanding about my scheduling issues, due to my travel, as well as my health issues. As an older ( well, sorta older) person, this has been a very positive experience for me. Patricia S. Lakewood Jan 18, 2022

My sister Hailey has been taking piano lessons with for 2 months now and has made tremendous improvement in such a short amount of time. I am very happy I signed up with West Colfax Academy in Lakewood and hope to continue with lessons for as long as Hailey continues to love them. Kat P. Nov 21, 2021

Mark Harris is an excellent musician and patient teacher for both of my children. Joel R. Sep 26, 2021 

 Her whole 10-year-old life, Hannah has loves to sing, anywhere, everywhere, and all the time. We call it, the Han-dora (Pandora) station. The first time she met her teacher, she said, "I could sing with him all day long. He is SO much fun! Can I have a voice lesson every day?" She loves to practice her vibrato, her up and down chords, and her breathing.  We are so happy to have found West Colfax Academy at Lakewood.  Suzanne 2/3/22

My 5th grade son started playing the French horn this school year. He has a beautiful instrument in great shape and is really enjoying learning to play it. West Colfax Academy in Lakewood has been a part of the process.  Music is part of my life in that...I love music. I can't imagine a day without hearing music. I love hearing my son make music and replicating music that he hears! I wish I had that gift!  Julie 3/3/22

FIVE STARS 11/30/2020:
For a while, I had only one kid taking music lessons at West Colfax Academy at Lakewood. My other child wanted lessons too, but we had to wait for another teacher to open up at the same time. Kelsey kept me in mind and let me know as soon as the time i needed was available. She made scheduling easy and convenient and was always very helpful!  Brandon Dennis 11/30/22



I was a proud band kid growing up. I tried the flute at 11 years old, and totally fell in love with it. Looking back, some of my best memories and friendships were created because I played music. (I even met my husband in marching band.) I’m a big fan of music education for kids, to say the least! 3/6/22

Music Education...

It is a known and widely studied fact that music education in children leads to measurable benefits, including increased literacy and therefore improved academic results. But it is also a wonderful way to build confidence, encourage good behaviors and commitment to teamwork, and create a sense of belonging. Starting children in music education young is great, but anyone can learn any time.   Lakewood

There are many great reasons to start your child’s musical education journey! Here are five reasons why our Lakewood Academy is a place you and your child will love!

Your Student Will Get the Full Experience

Our Lakewood Academy is all about your student! Your child can choose from a long list of instruments to learn to play, or study voice and singing. In fact, Lakewood Academy is the only school in the Front Range that offers such an extensive list of instruments and options in one location. 

The Lakewood Academy also offers biannual recitals with no participation fees, and an annual showcase so that your student can really shine and show off what they have learned. Your student will also earn trophies, certificates, and awards for their achievements throughout the year! Columbia Arts Academy gives your child many ways to show off what they have learned, and truly feel celebrated for their progress.

Flexibility to Accommodate Your Schedule

We all have busy schedules to juggle. The Lakewood Academy works with your schedule by offering lesson times seven days a week! They also have friendly office staff on-hand seven days a week to assist you. The Lakewood Academy offers early morning and lunch time lessons as well. No matter your schedule, you can easily find a time to add lessons at Lakewood Academy into your family’s schedule!

Highly Qualified Teachers

The academy includes a staff of 70 music teachers. So this means that whichever instrument you and your child choose, there are multiple teachers available to work with your child. All teachers have either college training, or professional performance experience. Combined with their enthusiasm for their students, your child will get a one-of-a-kind experience catered to their interests and abilities. 

Comfortable Atmosphere 

Many times, music lessons for your child mean strolling through a music store for an hour or so for you. Alternatively, Lakewood Academy has a comfortable and inviting lounge area where parents can relax. There are even toys for your younger children to play with while you wait for big brother or sister. Or you can observe (or even sit in on) your child’s lesson any time you’d like!

A Long History of Proven Results

West Colfax Academy Lakewood at Golden Music has been serving the Denver-Metro area for twenty six years. In that time, over 3000 families have trusted the academy to teach their child and foster a love of music. Look at the testimonials above and see for yourself why so many families love West Colfax Arts Academy in Lakewood!

Try It For Yourself!

We can’t say enough great things about this school! If you have a child interested in music, this is place to be! For more information, contact us at 303-279-1111