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Transform Your Life With Music Making
  • Transform Your Life With Music Making

    What were the dreams that this could become?  Don't forget the vivid color and these scenes.  You found your instrument and it found you!   The focus, practice, goal setting, etc, the “work” can come later.  Priority is enjoying the time you spend with your instrument.  Of course, the more time you spend practicing with intent, the better you get at it and the rewards come. 

How to Choose A Private Music Teacher

When it comes time to select a music teacher, you will need to consider whether you’d rather have your child take in-home lessons or lessons at a music academy.  There are numerous benefits in enrolling your student an academy.  One of the primary advantages is that your child will be surrounded by other excited students, which works as a valuable source of inspiration.

Additionally, your child will benefit from hearing other instruments and having the opportunity to touch, hold, and feel other instruments. 


How Do I Tune My Ukulele?

How To Properly Tune Your Ukulele

The open strings of the ukulele are as follows:

• G: the 4th string (most to the left on the fretboard)
• C: the 3rd string
• E: the 2nd string
• A: the 1st string

This is when you are have your ukulele in standard tuning, this is what you need to play most of the songs.

Humidity, Temperature and Storage for Guitars (or any wood instrument)
Wood is easily affected by temperature and humidity changes, therefore taking care of the surroundings of your guitar is very important in order to keep the instrument in a proper way. Gradual changes won’t generally do permanent damage but sudden ones do. For this reason it is important to avoid them and assure that the guitar acclimate to its environment.

As humidity increases, moisture content of wood goes up fast, causing it to expand and swell. When high humidity is combined with high temperature, glue joints could possibly become weakened and may even open slightly.

5 Reasons Your Child (And You!) Will Love West Colfax Music Academy!

 It is a known and widely studied fact that music education in children leads to measurable benefits, including increased literacy and therefore improved academic results. 

West Colfax Academy is all about your student! Your child can choose from a long list of instruments to learn to play, or study voice and singing. In fact, West Colfax Academy is the only school in the Colorado that offers such an extensive list of instruments and options in one location. 

This Is Your Brain On Music - How Music Benefits The Brain

Music has been an important part of every human culture, both past and present. It can play a part in brain development, learning, mood, and even your health. There used to be a popular belief that music is processed in the right hemisphere of our brains, along with art and other creative activities. However recent findings show us that music is distributed throughout the brain.

Let's Talk About Silence

Let’s Talk About Silence. Have you noticed that the moment of silence when your favorite music stops is more vivid? When the music stops, there’s that moment… when the music echoes in your mind and slowly fades. When music leaves you in intense silence, it transcends us to the present, to the spaces between the noise, it makes the silence utterly encapsulating. It teaches us to value silence and crave the peace of the present.
“Music teaches us to value silence and crave the peace of the present. Music teaches us to listen without judgement and engage with the silence, not avoid it. Music opens us up to the beauty of the silence and the skill of listening.”

Can You Tune A Ukulele With A Guitar Tuner

First of all, you need to check if your Guitar Tuner is Chromatic, meaning it has all the notes, or does it have capacity for Ukulele?  The problem is that the Ukulele has a "C" string and the guitar doesn't.   Many tuners are setup for just guitar and only have the guitar strings.

Then there are some that hear the sounds easier:  there are Pedal Tuner, Clip On Tuners, and Audio Tuners.

Put A Little Music In Your Heart
What is it about music that touches our soul, evokes emotions from happiness to sadness, gets us toe-tapping and exhilarated? These rewards especially come when you play an instrument and create the music yourself.
1. Helps in increasing concentration
2. Generates a sense of achievement
3. Strengthens respiratory system....
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