NEW Jeffco School Hours and Our Lesson Times

NEW Jeffco School Hours and Our Lesson Times

Back to School season is coming up soon! With the launch of "The Healthy and Equitable Start and End Times"  initiative, the 2023 school year will bring some schedule changes to most Jeffco Schools.

Schools across the district will start and end at later times than in the past years. Click here for a list of Jeffco Public Schools start times

The new start and end times may affect your regular music lessons. Please contact your teacher as soon as possible if you need to find a new timeslot.

Lesson hours vary per teacher but West Colfax Academy can typically accommodate lessons between 2-8pm. Please consider an earlier or later time if your ideal timeslot is unavailable. Check with your teacher for their availability.

If you have any other questions, please check the Jeffco school's FAQ page or call West Colfax Academy at 303-279-1111.

We look forward to making music again this fall!

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