8 Songs Music Students Can Learn this Thanksgiving

8 Songs Music Students Can Learn this Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday isn't particularly known for its music. However, quite a few songs have been written about Turkey Day and many more are thematically appropriate. Whether you're enjoying the fall season, honoring indigenous culture, or overeating at a family feast, there's a song on this list for your celebration. Check out these nine songs for music students to learn this Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Theme by Vince Guaraldi

While not quite as famous as "Linus and Lucy", Vince Guaraldi's jazz piano tune from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special is upbeat and fun. Pianists, bassists and drummer alike will enjoy learning this classic song. 

Thanksgiving Song by Mary Chapin Carpenter

A gentle country ballad about gratitude, love, and family, Mary Chapin Carpenter's ode to Thanksgiving features guitar, piano, and smoky vocals. 

Over the River and Through the Woods

This well-known tune is played during Christmas but was originally written for Thanksgiving. The simple melody is great for younger musicians and can be taught and performed on a variety of instruments.

The River is Flowing by Sun Bear

This ballad is attributed to Ojibwe/Chippewa elder and teacher Sun Bear. This version features a lovely melody played on flute vocals, along with guitar and drums.

Autumn Leaves by Joseph Kosma (performed by Nat King Cole)

While not specifically a Thanksgiving song, this jazz standard is perfect for fall. Many versions of Autumn Leaves have been recorded but we're partial to the lovely arrangements for brass and orchestra in the Nat King Cole version. 

Stadium Pow Wow by Halluci Nation ft Black Bear

A driving and powerful piece that incorporates traditional chants and percussion with sythns and dubstep elements. 'Stadium Pow Wow' is a unique fusion of different musical styles perfect for drummers and hip hop fans,

Appalachian Spring (7th Movement) by Aaron Copland

This famous orchestral piece is based around a traditional Shaker tune. Written by the "Dean of American Composers" himself, the seventh movement of Appalachian Spring is a great choice appropriate for a wide variety of instruments.

Stretchy Pants by Carrie Underwood

 Thanksgiving is synonymous with indulging in delicious food. This light-hearted, cheeky song by country singer Carrie Underwood is an ode to enjoying your family's feast in comfort.
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