What types of Ukuleles Are There?

What types of Ukuleles Are There?

The Sizes

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There are four main sizes in ukuleles. Soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.  The soprano is the most  common size and the smallest at 20" long.  It is the typical classic sound of ukuleles.  The next bigger is only 2 inches larger at 23", called the concert Uke.  It has more room between the frets and sounds the same pitches as the soprano, but with the bigger body, makers a richer, louder sound.  Gaining in popularity is the Tenor Ukulele, at 25" and sounds a bit like a classical guitar.  Most professionals play the Tenor size.  The largest is the baritone. It has the deepest tone, but is the least popular as it's not as portable as the others.  The tuning also differs from the other sizes, it has a more guitar-like tuning.

different ukulele woods

There are many woods used on ukuleles from: mahogany, mango, koa, rosewood, cedar, acacia… At Golden Music, we have three ukulele lines we carry, Lanikai, Kala, Mr. Mai plus Yamaha's GuitarUke...  simply hundreds of ukuleles for your to pick from!!

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