Zach Bye, Cello Student Extraordinaire!

Zach Bye, Cello Student Extraordinaire!

In mid-November, 2021 three days before the start of the new trimester, 7th grader Zach Bye asked if he could play Cello in the school orchestra. Zack's musical background only included a few months of piano lessons when he was in kindergarten and his family had just moved to Golden, Colorado from New Jersey a few months prior. His family scrambled to figure out how to get a hold of a cello and to find an instructor.  An internet search quickly led them to Golden Music.

Golden Music immediately provided Zack with a rental cello. He also began lessons at West Colfax Academy with instructor Meaghan Salton. Zack has progressed tremendously in his cello studies in a short amount of time. "It was nothing but amazing to watch him go from having absolutely no idea what to do with it to, only a few months, be able to flawlessly play with the school orchestra, to where he is today.  I also want to acknowledge the service provided by Golden Music along the way who expertly handled small repairs with the rental cello and immediately provided us with a replacement cello when his original was damaged," says his parents.

In a very short time, Zach has become a wonderful cellist. We look forward to watching him continue his musical journey! Zack enjoys sharing performing concerts at home for his family, including his Jack Russell Terrier, Tilly.

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