D'Addario NS Micro clip on tuners keep getting smaller

We've been selling D’Addario NS Micro clip-on tuners for a few years now because they are small enough to leave on the head stocks of instruments without getting in the way of playing or when the ukuleles are stored in their cases. D’Addario have a new version of the NS Micro tuner that clips to the sound hole of guitars, ukes and other acoustic instruments. The NS Micro Sound Hole Tuner is an accurate chromatic tuning device that uses vibration to read the string’s pitch. This tuner features a non-marring clip and a backlit display that shows the pitch of the string when you pluck it. A small power button toggles power to the tuner which also automatically powers down after 10 minutes of inactivity. Priced at $19.95, the D’Addario NS Micro Sound Hole Tuner looks like a cool little tuner that doesn’t stick out on your head stock and is easy to see in all lighting conditions. You can try them out in our store.

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