German Violins.... Why they are a good value...

In the early 20th century, there was equality in respect and pricing among violins from Italy, France, UK and Germany, but after World War I, when Schonback became part of the Czech Republic, they became the cheap product of commercial instruments and their neighbor, Markneukirchen, German instruments imported parts and by associate also became viewed as "cheapened." France concentrated on Germany's problems and established inroads in US and Europe markets. As World War II developed, many of the prominent Jewish musicians that had promoted German makers were forced from their positions, which led to boycotts of German goods by overseas Jewish clients. Many German makers' livelihoods disappeared. After war prejudices remained for many years, but by the 1960s, the German craftman's respect began emerging. This leads "Old German instruments as a tremendous investment because they combine quality woods and workmanship in an old (and therefore well played in) package and for an affordable sum." (from The Strad Magazine, March 2014.)

Golden Music has numerous German violins starting at under $1,000 up to several thousand dollars.  Until June 30th, everything is 30% off ($300-$2,500 off!). Most can be purchased on the rent-to-own program for a low monthly amount. The German violin shown here is the Karl Muller copy stock #4730 for $1595 on sale for $1016!

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