Golden Music 5th Annual Summer String Sales Starts Today June 1, 2018


Here we are in the first day of our 5th Annual Violin Sale - we've already had two happy families purchase instruments! We are planning a post on an instrument every day this month through the end of the sale: Today, the Elite 16.5" 1964 Viola by Paul Hilaire French Luthier. 

Born in 1906, Paul was trained by George Apparut in the famous Mirecourt workshop (called the Victor Joseph Charotte workshop). Paul took over the workshop in 1945 after Apparut's death. The instrument Golden Music has was made in 1964, only three years before his death in 1967. Mirecourt is a small town in Northeastern France, known for it's lace making and musical instrument workshops. From Wiki - "The Lutherie (violin making) dates back to the end of the sixteenth century and the travels of the Dukes of Lorraine and their retinues to Italy. It was particularly in Mirecourt that the business of making stringed instruments took off, with 43 luthiers in 1635, and the business continued to grow into the twentieth century, by when it was claimed that Mirecourt was producing more than 80,000 instruments annually." links to more information:,

Paul Hilaire


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