How to Select a Good Brass Instrument 5 Easy Steps

“If you intend to have a good sound, the right Instrument is an absolute must.”

  1. Start off with a decent beginner Instrument from a reputable brand, preferably made of brass with a lacquer finish. Silver plating is much too expensive for a beginning instrument.
  2. Decide if you're ready for a new Instrument. If you have been playing for 2 or 3 years on the same horn and have improved then, yes, you may be ready for a new Instrument, especially if your instrument is a basic or student Instrument. If you haven't been playing for that long, and there is very little need for you to purchase a new Instrument, hold off for a little while.
  3. Determine what level of Instrument to buy. An intermediate Instrument will usually have more resistance in the upper register to prevent the player from over-blowing and ruining his/her chops. A professional instrument, depending on the model, will have little to no resistance, but will cost more.
  4. Check your budget. Most step-up Instruments, though, are around one or two thousand dollars.
  5. Do research. Learn about what particular types of Instrument are considered better by the Instrument-playing community. Many Kings, for example, are considered next to useless, although they may catch your eye for having large designs of roses etched into the bell. The Yamaha horns are regarded as some of the best available because of their quality, consistency, tone and economical pricing. Paraphrased from Wikihow
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