Italian Violin Maker Riccardo Antoniazzi - We Offer his Violin in the Summer Sale

Riccardo Antoniazzi - Golden Music offers one of his 4/4 Violin

Antoniazzi was born in Cremona, the sixth child and pupil of Gaetano, and was the ablest and most consistent violin maker of his family. He moved to Milan around 1870. In 1880 he went to Nice, probably to work for Nicolò Bianchi and returned in 1886 Unfortunately he lived somewhat in the shadow of Leandro Bisiach and he did not sign many of the instruments from his best period. His instruments can be divided into three periods: from his apprenticeship and early development until about 1887–8, during which he made instruments similar to those of his father; his best period, which lasted until about 1904, during which he developed his own style and worked primarily for Leandro Bisiach; and the period from about 1904 when he worked for the firm Monzino and Sons, during which he made beautiful instruments although working with less care, especially with regard to the varnish. Today these are his best-known instruments. He had many students and followers. He died in Milan.

Antoniazzi's models varied considerably, but his varnish was often either a yellow-orange or dark red. Four different labels are known, in addition to a brand with his initials, which dates from his time with the Monzino firm. One of the founders of the modern Milanese school, he had many followers and students, including Ferdinando Garimberti and Gaetano Sgarabotto

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