Music Advocacy Symposium

Dear Friend,

We have a strong interest in strengthening the Public School music programs in Colorado, as you might too. After two years of research, we believe creating Music Advocacy groups mainly from our parent community is the means to achieve this.

We are holding a meeting to brainstorm ideas to create a state, and district-wide network of parent groups functioning on the ideas of Advocacy pioneer John Benham. Our special guest for this symposium is Scott McCormick, CEO American Music Parents (AMP).

We extend an invitation to you and anyone interested to give ideas for this endeavor. An open house will be held at Golden Music Center on August 13 and 14th, from 3-6 pm. If you cannot come to Golden, please let us know you would like to participate through a web conference from 2-3 pm either or both days.


Mary Brainerd, Owner & Jill Moynihan, Outreach Coordinator
Golden Music Center

John L. Benham is the author of "Music Advocacy-Moving from Survival to Vision"

AMP is a one year old organization in place to organize parents in the support of music programs. There will soon be thousands of members in the Denver area as all new rental customers of several music stores get free membership and current customers get a reimbursed membership (more info to follow).

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