Music Day at the Capitol - a Resounding Success

April 24, 2013 Music Day at the Capitol, Denver Colorado

After interviewing numerous legislator about their interest in music education and finding they all really support it, it seems the problem is a lack of communication. If the kids love music in schools, the parents love music in schools, the teachers want music in schools, and we found the school administrators want music in schools, and legislators want it… what is the problem? Perhaps there is a communication breakdown? We scheduled a day where kids, parents, teachers and legislators can come together. We rented the church right across the street from the capitol because of their nice space. The basement there has a nice stage, audio equipment, warm up rooms, parking, etc. and is affordable. We advertised the event to all schools in the area. We have 8 schools come with over 200 kids! Fox 31 News came and filmed the event. Twenty legislators and/or their staff came for the free lunch we gave them. Over the noon hour, we had speakers address the legislators on their topics of concern and music education in general. We had representatives from Colorado ASTA (the President), CMEA (the membership chair), and Great Ed Colorado all speak. The kids came on buses and all had a free tour of the capitol to boot. It was a great civic lesson for them. All-in-all, it was a resounding success and we plan to do it again in the future.

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