Romanian Violin - Dark, Warm, Mellow

Dark, warm mellow beautiful rich golden red flamed two piece back

Intro to Romanian Violins = Reghin and Claudio Ciurbin

Where to begin about Romania?  Our first trip there in 2006 included a lot of sight seeing, we traveled down with guides from Hungary to Transalvania, saw the rural Romanian lifestyle – still farming and living off the land and had many adventures. We visited the Gliga factory, the large operation that began after World War II in an airplane factory. Gliga is a high volume producer of violins and not exactly where Golden Music finds its best instruments. In comes Claudio Ciurbin. Claudio was trained as a Master Luthier in Cremona which is a green light in the first place, but he is Romanian and returned to Reghin to develop his craft and workshop.

The town of Reghin is pretty tiny, about 30,000 people, but the majority work on violins!  It is rumored that the wood used in some of the most famous violins of all time came from the forests near Reghin.

We bought violins there from Claudio, his friends Mark and Fritzy, and a few others.  They are always very lively, raw and speak well. I’d say we have had about 50 from there in total. The violin I play at home (I'm studying violin now but am mainly a pianist) is Romanian. We buy everything that Fritzy makes and many of you have his instruments as they sell as soon as we get them in! We just got four in and they are being prepared for the store now.

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