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Musical Resources
Let's Make Music Together - Creating a Feeling of Family and Community

Cave men created musical instruments – animal bones were banged together and horns were blown – warning of danger, calling people together, marking key events – ceremonies. These primitive sounds evolved into recognizable patterns as human cognition developed. It has been proven that “early cultures with a strong musical tradition thrived whereas other cultures without a musical tradition struggled to survive." (David Francis ‘The Powerful Role of Music in Society’ 2008).

Pictured David Leeuw with his Family, Abraham van den Tempel, by 1671, Dutch painting, oil on canvas. The wealthy merchant David Leeuw and his family making music as an expression of harmonious family life.

This Is What Successful Musicians Think It Means To Be Famous In 2014

from BuzzFeed So what does it mean, now, for a musician to become ‘famous’? We talked to seven artists about how they measure and experience fame. Turns out social media is a pretty big deal, and that having a big personality is just as important as making great songs. Meghan Trainor,...

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How to Help Your Child Choose a Musical Instrument to Study

From WikiHow The ability to play a musical instrument is a wonderful thing, and you can never start too early. Children are curious and imaginative by nature, and many will be able to pick up music very quickly, and develop a love for it. The ability to play an instrument...

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Why Music Education in Public Schools is Important - from a Child's Eyes

In preparation for the Jeffco Parent Arts Advisory Coalition meeting on May 20th, we put together this video to impress on the Jeffco Board of Directors that the public school music programs are extremely important.  Our student is Alexie Uecker, a private cello student at Golden Music and in the...

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