The European Influence in our Violin Workshop... in Colorado...

The violin emerged in its present form in Italy, France and Germany in the mid 1500s. The richness and true knowledge base of the art of violin building is embedded in Europe and the makers trained in the schools in those countries. From traveling worldwide, Golden Music has befriended many of the journeymen in this craft and hosts these violin dignitaries in our Golden shop year round. This influence not only assists our Luthiers in learning the depth of the European tradition, it steeps our Music Product Specialists and owners in this knowledge.  Moreover, every instrument provided for you at Golden Music gives you this tradition as much as possible fused in it at many different price points and styles of instruments.  Hence, for every instrument, we want to create the highest value of the European tradition and stylings in your price range.  On the left below is Ferenc Borosi from Hungary and on the right is Carlos Roberts from Italy.  Both recently spent part of the year at Golden Music in our shop, teaching our Luthiers, as well as time with our Music Product Specialists and the owners.  The third picture, is the Owner, Mary, her friend, Nancy, and Thomas Hummel, a Master Luthier from Stuttgart Germany who has been to Golden Music every year for the last 5 years.














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