The Kirschnek Violin Line at Golden Music



The Kirschnek Violins - This company was established in 1880 in Erlangen/Bubenreuth, West Germany.  It is still run by the family.  The owners of Golden Music have had many lovely visits with this family, including a tea party in their heavily treed back yard of their house which is next to their workshop.  We carry a full spread of different models that you can see here and on our web page. 

The company was established by Joseph Muller, born 1850 in Schonbach.  He was the great grandfather of the owner today, Ilse Fischer.  Since the beginning, he was well known for his fine workmanship and best tone quality.  He won many awards and even exhibited his instruments at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900.  In 1922, his grandson-in-law, Franz Kirschnek, established his own company under his name and the label, Franz Kirschnek.  He began exporting his instruments to other European countries and to the US.  They moved after World War II to the present location.  The family states "We feel obliged to continue making violins, violas and cellos of fine quality.  We are proud to say that we still do not import any parts from other countries.  Each one of our instruments is entirely made in Germany."   

We have several models in stock from the Kirschneks and plan to have more in the future. 

Kirschnek Arnoldus master

Kirschnek Conradus master

Kirchnek Knoblach master

Kirschnek Gesang master


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