The Moon, Music, Rhythm...

The Moon and Universe…

Our Universe Mother holds us in her warm darkness, the moon lights our hearts like a warm glowing candle, the stars sparkle with brilliance, twinkling laughter of joy, come home all to the beauty, warmth of the dark night, let the vibrations roll into our very being with a rhythm of wellness, health, connection to you, me, all that is.  Universe music wrap me in your blanket of knowing and peace…  rhythm child sleep, home in the velvety darkness -  Anonymous


The recent lunar eclipse drew the attention of the entire world this week.  What is it about the Moon?  The Moon’s rhythm and vibrations tie to our very existence, our health and feelings… 


 “All life exists within a sea of vibration…  rhythm is fundamental to all of life… many aspects of human behavior and physiology is correlated with the phases of the moon.  Our lives contain a seeming infinity of rhythms… rhythms of the breath, heartbeat, and brain are intimately related to our emotions, thoughts, and psychospiritual state.”  
“Rhythm is the fundamental characteristic of music. In frequencies, timbres, and the passage of beats through time to form rhythms, music is an apt metaphor for this carrier of life-information. And the notion that music can touch the core of our being and is as old as human consciousness.”
“A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of his body.”
“Rhythms show up in many aspects of life. They affect the way we feel day by day or throughout the seasons. They affect our moods and attitudes deeply.”  life is intimately connected to a wide variety of natural rhythms.”
“And just as music can have the capacity to touch our deepest sentiments and evoke feelings across the entire spectrum of human emotion, as scientists begin to understand the language of health, emotions, and heart rate variability and begin to decode the language of cellular vibrations and biofield information, it may be possible to develop new forms of healing. As healers have used music for therapeutic purposes for centuries, might cell-music or EMF ‘biomusic’ be further developed as a kind of medicine?:  This way of healing can be studied and understood by studying the music of one's own life, by studying the rhythm of the pulse, the rhythm of the beating of the heart and of the head… “   Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing, Muehsam & Ventura Glob Adv Health Med. 2014 Mar.


Music as a new branch of medicine?  What do you think?


We’re ready to help you at Golden Music to find an instrument to enhance healthy rhythms… or please come around, be part of our community, join us for a good long chat about music…

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