The Szasz Friderich Line at Golden Music

Featured Violin - the Szasz Friderich line exclusive to Golden Music; we have been visiting Romania and buying the "fritzy's" since 2007. At an affordable price for a single maker master instrument, the Fritzy's are hand crafted in Reghin, Mures, in the heart of Transalvania, population 33,000.  The industry of Reghin is closely related to the traditions of the medieval trades, starting with the resources in the close vicinity, rich in wood and farm produces, the goods of the private producers from Reghin are in the market all over Romania and abroad.   Reghin is well known for the industry of the musical instruments, especially of violins. There are many companies that produces instruments using the famous resonance wood from Calimani and Gurghiu forests. The violins made in Reghin are used abroad.


Szasz (nickname "Fritzy") began his work in a violin factory in 1977.  He left the large factory for a small workshop in 1990, where he was an apprentice to Ciurba Nicolae.  He perfected his technique alongside a master with his guidance and experience.  In 2003, Szasz opened his own workshop.  Hemakes instruments for people all around the world.  

Here is an example of one of the Golden Music "Fritzy's (click here)"    Right now we have several in stock including product number 4579 and 4580.


This picture is from our first trip to Reghin in 2006.  It is the owner, Mary and Fritzy.




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