What Instrument Should My Child Play?

Quiz: Which Instrument is Right for My Child?

Find out what instrument might be perfect for your child. Simply choose the answer that best describes your child and then view your results to find out which instrument is the best match. Give it a try!

Question 1: What kind of music does my kid like to listen to?

Calm instrumentals
Classical. Mozart all the way!
Folk and pop
Jazz and big band
Rock. Everything from Elvis to Linkin Park.
Question 2: What's a good way to describe my child's personality?

Quiet and introspective
Confident and calm
Laid back and friendly
Outgoing and big-hearted
Boisterous and active
Question 3: What is the ideal size for an instrument?

As long as it doesn't have to go anywhere, it doesn't matter
Small. My child will have to carry it to and from school and practice
Medium is perfect
My child can handle a medium to large instrument, no sweat
My child has the maturity to handle something quite large and bulky
Question 4: If s/he were a color, it would be:

Light Green
Bright Yellow
Cherry Red
Question 5: My child is happiest:

Playing alone
In a museum or aquarium
With a small group of friends
At a party
On a jungle gym
Question 6: How active is my child?

Very low-key
Slightly Active
Quite Active
Very Active
Question 7: His/Her favorite animal is the:

Tasmanian Devil
Question 8: Which movie does my child like best?

Finding Nemo
The Sound of Music
Wallace and Gromit
The Incredibles
Back to the Future
Question 9: How much noise is s/he comfortable with?

Indoor voices, please
No louder than Beethoven's 5th
Hannah Montana levels
Controlled chaos
Blast that radio!
Question 10: My child is great at:

Manual dexterity
Fine motor control, like knitting
Singing along
Keeping rhythm




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