Four Reasons Renting Is Better Than Buying

Need an instrument for your child? 

Here are four reasons why renting is better than buying:

* Convenience

Renting an instrument is extremely quick and simple, online, over the phone, or in person. There's no time in research involved, we are a trusted source with your school because of our quality and concern for your family's success in music. You have the option to just rent or rent-to-own, all built into one. If you choose rent to own, 100% of the rental cost applies to purchasing the instrument, ALWAYS. 

* An Instrument You Can Rely On

If you buy an instrument and it breaks, you have at least two weeks in a shop, and you have to drive to the store and back. That is 1/5 of your students class semester! With our program, we deliver you a loaner to your home or schools so you never miss a day with class.  

* Easy Exit Strategy

The greatest fear of many parents is that their child will give up on an instrument soon after picking it up. If you are renting and this happens, you can just close the rental contract. Similarly, with stringed instruments in particular, if your child starts with a smaller sized instrument like a 3/4th-sized violin, renting lets you easily exchange for a larger size in subsequent years.

* Easy Trade to Another Instrument

Your students passion might not lie in their first choice - easily move your rent-to-own credit to any other band or orchestra instrument at any time.

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