Combatives & Self Defense

Hone your combative skills with

Personal Defense Systems Group

Blending a mix of Ninjutsu, Krav Maga & Aikido, PDSG Combatives Systems focus on Joint Locks, Pain Compliance and Targeting Vital Pressure Points, Air Pathways, Arteries, Neural Pathways & Sensory Receptors. When Applied to Firearms, Edged Weapons or any other Weapon, these Systems can end an Assault in 3-5 Seconds.

Sensei Benjamin Osborn

Sensei Ben’s Martial Arts training began at the age of 16 with Full-Contact, Armored, Scenario-Based Pra-Military Training. Other Martial Arts that Ben has trained in include: Jeet Kun Do, Sun Do Sol & Kung Fu & Tai-Chi.

He currently holds the Rank of Sensei for PDSG Combatives Fighting Systems. Ben holds a Black Belt in Ninjutsu & Traditional Japanese Jujutsu from Yamabushi Dojo & Colorado Ninjutsu Centers.

Blending these unique martial arts along with Mountaineering, Glacier Travel, Backcountry Travel & Survival, Yoga, Public Speaking and Night Club Security, Ben brings a diverse skill set to PDSG. 

Sensei Harry Dollarhide

Sensei Dollarhide’s martial arts training began at the age of 7, with Tiger
Karate in Oakland, CA at the local YMCA, and continued training in Yakota, Japan with Judo and Ninjutsu.
He currently holds the position of Police Inspector with the Federal Protective Service and operates as a Federal Agent within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

He is currently responsible for training Federal and Local Law Enforcement Officers to meet DHS standards for defensive tactics.

Mr. Dollarhide is also a Use of Force and Weapons Tactics Instructor. Before
moving into Federal Law Enforcement, he served in the US Army, training US Military and Foreign Military personnel in Defensive Tactics and NATO/Soviet Warsaw weapons.


EVERY SUNDAY- 90 Min Sessions

1:30pm-3:00pm - (Youth 19 and under)

3:15pm - 4:45pm - (All Ages)

$180/Single Session

$150/Per Session (When you reserve a month of lessons)

To enroll contact Devon Kerger (303)279-1111 or email (

To enroll digitally - Once payment is received (Call to make a payment over the phone), then you will receive an email with the Enrollment Form via DropboxSign. Once the enrollment form is completed and retuned, you will be added to the schedule. Please show up a few minutes before your scheduled time. Enjoy the class!!