Emotional Logic Recording Studio Sessions

We look forward to transforming your performance into a recording that can be cherished for lifetimes!

Please come practiced and prepared. A good portion of the studio time is spent going over mixing and mastering after the performance is completed. In an Ideal situation, you would get a song recorded within an hour, then spend a few hours working on mixing and mastering.
Please contact us for special accommodations (In ex: groups larger than 5 members, if you want a tape or CD, Inquiries about gear.)
Book recording sessions by the hour for up to a max of 5 hours in a day. Available during Golden Music operating hours.

Rates: $60/hour session

If you would like to book time in the studio, please feel free to call the store (303)279-1111 or email the store manager Devon Kerger (devon@goldenmusiccenter.com)
Once payment is received, you will receive an email of the Studio Enrollment Form via DropboxSignature. Once the enrollment form is completed and sent back you will be added to the schedule. Please show up a few minutes before your scheduled time.