Teacher Zone

Teacher Zone software will contact the teachers and students by text about lessons. The student can also put in notes as to what they want our teacher to focus on in their lessons.  Teachers can create videos for practice at home that the student and slow down and speed up.  They can view later when they are ready to practice.
This software comes with an amazing student app for both Itunes and Android. 

TeacherZone is revolutionary. The online tools YouTube.com, Google, and Wikipedia have placed us in an era where information has never been more accessible. A tool like TeacherZone is perfect for navigating that mountain of knowledge and curating custom lessons for each individual student.

One Teacher said:  For someone who teaches weekly instrumental, theory, and songwriting lessons, it allows me to keep the students better engaged throughout the week outside lesson time. When creating custom video content, TeacherZone is amazingly fast and seamless.

Other teachers say:  "Since I've started using Teacherzone my students are more engaged in the Learning process"  - Clint Haycraft