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Scot McCracken is a second-generation music industry veteran who has managed and worked with countless producers and musicians, including Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, 98 Degrees, Joan Osborne and the Fugees.  His father, Hugh McCracken, was the only guy to play with all four Beatles, was the first member of Paul McCartney’s Wings and played with everyone from Aretha Franklin and Billy Joel to Paul Simon and Steely Dan. How did his career affect your attitudes to the music industry?

Scot McCracken: My dad had this amazing career that could only happen in that window of time when people actually touched instruments and made noises that other people had to record onto a tape – with no mistakes and in real time.  My father would always bring me to the studio with him, so as a little kid, I would be in recording sessions instead of baseball games. Music was like a second language to me and a passion that began at a very young age.  Scot decided to go into management as he saw them as the guys that were calling the shots.

Click and read the article with numerous fascinating anecdotes about the music industry.  More interesting however is Scot's comment on his new phone ap: "As I’m sure you’re aware, music has always been an original source of exploration and transformation, and I believe it will continue to drive social change. I want to inspire the younger generation with genuine role models so they feel empowered to step up and get involved. When you look at the 1st Verse area of our app, you’ll see it’s buzzing with all the responses from folks eager to connect on today’s topics.  Music is a big part of that.  I want to unlock the potential of Snapverse to be a force that taps into the positive dynamics of culture today."

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