For over 22 years, Golden Music has been developing a collection of instruments from select makers which meet our standards for craftsmanship, materials, consistency, and dependability. This gives the player the best sound and response. We believe that a quality selection in addition to a professional set-up is the path to a great sound.

Golden Music has a fine selection of violas from $650 to $1000 for the entry level player. From workshops across the globe, these instruments are strictly held to the same exacting standards of craftsmanship as our professional quality instruments. As a result, we accept only the finest instruments coming out of these workshops. In addition, they also receive the same care in the adjusting and custom set-up that the higher level instruments receive.  Here lies a great selection of instruments that allows for the proper technical development necessary to create the best sound for the entry level player.

Golden Music has a fine selection of violas in this price range.  The advancing student will be very well satisfied.  Here are some of the finest workshop instruments available.  One can expect a superior quality and complexity of tone from this price range which will challenge and inspire the musical development of the growing musician.

Golden Music has a fine selection of violins for the advancing and advanced player.  Now that you have developed musical proficiency, you will find your discerning ears satisfied within this range of instruments.  Here are instruments from highly regarded makers of today and of the last few centuries. These are works of exceptional craftsmanship that will provide the tone, playability, and expressiveness which young aspiring professionals and serious amateurs alike, demand.

Golden Music has a few very special instruments for those looking for a lifetime purchase.  Creme of the crop, at various price points.